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Update on Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution Teardown

Plenty of options in restaurants!


Last week I shared that I was starting an intense sugar detox: the "Teardown" phase of Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution. It's been 1 week and I have not touched: sugar, fruit, grains, beans, or anything that quickly converts to sugar in your body!

How has it been? To tell the truth, surprisingly easy. I find that there's lots I can eat, my energy is steady, cravings are minimal/ nonexistent, and when I get hungry it's true hunger but without the urgency of when your blood sugar levels are crashing.

Here's what I've been eating:

- Greek yogurt with cinnamon, sliced almonds, stevia, and a little coconut milk
- Omelets with spinach, onion, jalapenos, feta topped with hot sauce and a drizzle of tahini - YUM
- Chia pudding with sliced almonds and cinnamon
- Big salads with carrot, cucumber, walnuts, egg, tempeh, olives, broccoli and dressing is oil & vinegar
- Stir fries with tempeh, vegetables, tamari and drizzled with tempeh
- Snacks: cut up veggies like zucchini and celery with some feta cheese; a protein shake with cinnamon; nuts
- Sustain protein shakes, my favorite 

Eating in Restaurants
I don't normally eat out in restaurants much, but this week happened to eat out a few times. It was easy, there was always multiple options, although I did make a few substitutions when I ordered. I had:

- A big veggie stir fry at a Vietnamese restaurant
- A tempeh dish with kale salad at Candle Cafe
- A tuna salad at Pain Quotidien
- I also skipped dessert at my own belated birthday dinner - do I get bonus points for that??

Did I "cheat"?
I cheated a tiny bit.

- I ate cashews even though Dr. Gundry doesn't recommend them because they have more sugar than other nuts. I really love cashews.
- Twice I had coffee with sweet hazelnut creamer.
- I used stevia which is a natural sweetener (does not have sugar and does not spike your blood sugar at all - it's 0 on the glycemic index), which Dr. Gundry does not recommend because it keeps you hooked in to craving sweet tastes. 
- I made a mistake ordering in a restaurant and got some wheat berries on my salad which I mostly ate around.
- I ate a small amount of quinoa which was served with veggies.

Not bad over the course of a whole week, if you ask me! 

Will I stick with it?

Yes, absolutely! The "Teardown" phase is supposed to be at least 2 weeks long, so I will continue for the next week. I feel a difference in my body - my stomach is flatter and legs look leaner. But more importantly, I feel satisfied and free of cravings. I'm excited to see where this journey will lead and will keep you posted!

Please chime in - have you done a sugar detox that has been easy and effective? Are you considering doing the Teardown?

Sweetly yours,

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    Kerry Bajaj - Nutrition & Wellness - Blog - Update on Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution Teardown
  • Response
    Kerry Bajaj - Nutrition & Wellness - Blog - Update on Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution Teardown
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    Response: visit here
    Kerry Bajaj - Nutrition & Wellness - Blog - Update on Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution Teardown

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