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Sleep Can Be Joyful for the Whole Family

Courses and coaching to help your baby fall asleep, stay asleep, and take great naps

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Sleep Is a Gift For The
Whole Family

Courses and coaching to help your baby
fall asleep, stay asleep, and take great naps

Start Sleeping Better Today

A Guide Who Understands

Sure you can google your way through the internet looking for answers to helping your baby sleep better. But you can also lose more sleep trying all the tips, tricks and secrets for the 'perfect' formula. What most parents really want is a guide who understands, provides practical steps and has been in their shoes.

Meet Kerry Bajaj

I love helping babies and their families to sleep better! 

My kids have been sleeping from 7 to 7 since they were babies, and now at age 5 and 7 are still happy sleepers. My sleep clients have called me a “magician,” and told me “I love being a mom thanks to you.”

As a baby sleep expert, I help parents understand the importance of the deep restorative sleep babies need at every stage of development. 

My practical coaching is simple for you to start using from day 1. Whether you read my book, Sleep, Baby, Sleep, learn through my course, or work with me one-on-one, I'll educate and guide you in a way that helps you and your baby get better sleep. I truly believe that every healthy baby can sleep well, and that sleep is healing for our babies and families. Sleep changes everything!

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Sleep, Baby, Sleep

A Bedtime Routine from 8 to 8

Kerry, who has studied infant and child sleep in the US, shows you how a little discipline and a lot of patience can help inculcate good sleep habits for a lifetime. Well-reasoned, intensively researched and tailored for Indian parents, Sleep, Baby, Sleep will transform the process of putting a child to bed. 

Pediatrician approved. 150+ 5-star reviews.

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Transform Sleep Time For The Whole Family


3 week courses for newborns, babies and toddlers with video training and a step-by-step framework the whole family can use to create easy bedtime and nap routines that last.

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Work one-on-one with Kerry for an in-depth sleep consult that includes baby’s sleep environment, habits, schedule, plus your family setup, parenting values, and goals for better sleep.

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 “Sleep training is one of the best things I could have ever done for my children and myself. I’m delighted to see a book on sleep training now in India.” 

- Sunny Leone

“An insightful, revelatory read on the developmental importance of sleep for growing children. Customised for uniquely Indian circumstances, Kerry’s book is a must for parents looking to instill great sleep habits in their kids.”

- Gul Panag

Hey friends…

Juggling a newborn, baby or toddler is a pretty challenging role. When you or baby is not getting the right sleep it can turn a tough few nights into a long ordeal that impacts the whole family. 

Good sleep is a gift to your baby, and to yourself. The good news is that it's possible for any healthy baby to sleep well, and it can happen in just a few steps. 

My wish is that you enjoy your days and nights with your child, and that you have the energy for your family and work at all stages of your child's development. 

You don't have to struggle through another sleepless night. Together we can make sleeptime a joy for everyone.  

Sweet dreams,

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Here's your free toolkit. You'll get The #1 Mindset Shift to Raise a Happy Sleeper (video), my 5 Favorite Gentle Sleep Tools (video), plus links to my favorite white noise machine, sleep sacks, a song to stop your baby from crying, a paediatrician's sleep tips, my favorite bedtime book and more!