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Your Ultimate
Happy Sleeper Toolkit

Download your free toolkit with all the goodies that don’t fit in the book: The #1 Mindset Shift You Need to Raise Happy Sleepers (video), My 5 Favorite Gentle Sleep Tools (video), How to Easily Resolve Toddler Sleep Issues (video), How to Decode Your Newborn's Cries (video). You’ll get links for white noise machine, sleep sacks, a song that is scientifically designed to stop your baby from crying, a paediatrician’s tips on how to ensure your baby is a ‘self soother’ rather than a ‘signaller’, plus a link to my favorite bedtime book. 

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5 Tips to Fix Your
Baby's Sleep Schedule

Is your baby’s sleep schedule all over the pace? You never know what to expect at naps or night?  Does it just feel wonky?  If a consistent schedule would be a huge relief, download this free guide that explains how to give your baby a perfect schedule for naps and night sleep. You’ll learn about wake windows, when to drop a nap, sleep pressure and capping.  These are the tips I teach clients to set a predictable daily schedule for baby.


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Whyyy is My Baby
Not Sleeping!?

If your baby’s sleep is “off” it can lead to long drawn-out bedtimes with lots of drama, long night wakings, early rising, or painfully short naps. You as a parent may be wondering – what are we doing wrong? The good news is I can usually identify quickly WHY baby’s sleep is off.  Here are the top 5 reasons I find that baby’s are not sleeping – plus tips on how to course correct.

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