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Cozy Little Sleeper

A 3 Week Course for Newborns 0-4 Months

  • Daily Routines
  • Sleep Schedules
  • Soothing Strategies
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Understand How Your Newborn Sleeps

Newborn sleep patterns change rapidly in the first 4 months, leaving parents worried about helping their baby sleep well and setting a good foundation from an early age. Understanding the special rhythms and needs of newborns will help you to create:

Realistic Expectations

Understand how sleep patterns change for babies in the first 4 months and how to enjoy the 4th Trimester.

Ideal Sleep Environment

Set up a safe and optimal sleep environment for your baby, helping them sleep deeper and for longer stretches of time.

Easy to Follow Routines

Learn about circadian rhythm and how you can resolve day / night confusion and create healthy and natural routines.

A Guide With Practical Answers

As a mother myself, I want to help you set the foundation to have a baby that’s a great sleeper, which can have a profound effect on your baby’s health, brain development and mood, and on your own experience of parenthood.

You want to help your baby to sleep well, but it's not always easy.

Everything you will learn in this course is gentle. It’s respectful of your baby’s developmental stage and your baby’s need for sleep. That said, I encourage you to always follow your mama and papa instincts.

Set The Right Foundation For
Years of Joyful Sleep


Cozy Little Sleepers - Newborn Course

Get started with Kerry's 3 week self paced video course and learn how to:

  • Set Realistic Expectations for the Newborn Phase 
  • Understand Your Newborn's cries and cues
  • Design The Perfect Sleep Environment   
  • Set Up The Perfect Routine for Your Family
  • Help Baby Learn to Sleep Independently   
  • Prepare for Next Stage 6+ Months 
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Happy Parents Are Saying…


“I kept returning to Kerry’s tips and tricks every week with my newborn son. Now he’s 8 months old and sleeps 8pm to 7am. Best decision!

– Shefali Shah

"I struggled a lot with my elder daughter's sleep, so when my second baby was born, I read and implemented every word from Kerry for my newborn and it really helped. Now me and my babies we all sleep peacefully."

- Vidushi Singhania

I took the steps Kerry suggested and my newborn slept for 12 hours straight plus naps. For new moms, get your hands on this when you take the first doctor’s appointment. It’s life-changing!”

– Mausam Thorat Pawar

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Cozy Newborn Sleep

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Watch the videos at your own pace and implement the lessons

Relax and enjoy these precious months with your newborn.

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Meet Kerry Bajaj

Mother. Author. Sleep Consultant.

As a baby sleep expert, I love helping babies and their families to sleep better! My kids have been sleeping from 7 to 7 since they were babies, and now at age 5 and 7 are still happy sleepers. My sleep clients have called me a “magician,” and told me “I love being a mom thanks to you.”

My first book, Sleep, Baby, Sleep, was published by HarperCollins in 2020, it has been a bestseller and has helped thousands of families to help their babies sleep.

As Seen In

Cozy Little Sleepers • Newborn Course

30 Video Lessons over 2.5 hours

  • The 4th trimester 
  • Be a master soother for your newborn
  • Set a perfect sleep environment to encourage healthy sleep 
  • Create a happy daily routine and nap schedule 
  • Work on independent sleep at bedtime - when and how 
  • 4 month sleep regression

Easy To Use Tips

  • Tummy Time tips
  • Sample Schedules, month by month 
  • Wake Windows, month by month 
  • Sleep Cues 
  • Tips for Night Wakings
  • Insights from Paediatricians

Bonus Toolkit & Resources

  • Newborn massage class with Keola Wellness
  • Tips for twins and multiples 
  • Important! safe sleep guidelines 
  • Recommended products for cozy sleep

Set the right foundation from the start

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Happy Sleeper Toolkit

Here's your free toolkit. You'll get The #1 Mindset Shift to Raise a Happy Sleeper (video), my 5 Favorite Gentle Sleep Tools (video), plus links to my favorite white noise machine, sleep sacks, a song to stop your baby from crying, a paediatrician's sleep tips, my favorite bedtime book and more!

A Course for Every Newborn and Parent

Expecting Parents

Set good intentions even before your baby arrives. Learn about newborn sleep phases so you have a good understanding of what to expect in the early months.

First Time Parents

It's never too late to create good sleep habits. This quick course will help you learn and adjust to the rapid changes your baby is going through every week. 

Second-Time Parents

Even if setting a good sleep routine was hard with your first child, you can build a great foundation for great sleep habits for years to come with your second baby.