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3 Healers to Support Fertility

Dec 29, 2015

There are 3 healing modalities I tend to recommend again and again to support fertility, in an email that keeps getting copied & pasted around. Here they are.

1. Acupuncture

I think a big part of a fertility journey is about bringing our body into balance, and acupuncture is so wonderful for bringing the body to a state of balance. When I was trying to get pregnant with Leela, I went to acupunture about once a week or so. I also worked with a holistic doctor for 5 years who did acupuncture on his patients and saw the transformative effects firsthand. (IE, people came into the office as stressed-out New Yorkers and left purring like kittens.) There are a lot of acupuncturists who specialize in fertility and have strong reputations. If you’re in New York, I tend to recommend Dr. Frank Lipman or Angela Le (I haven’t personally met her but have heard good things). I personally like the setup at Jeffres Acupuncture Center. It’s a community acupuncture center, so treatments are done in one big room that is partitioned by curtains. The upside is that it’s very affordable acupuncture, with experienced practitioners. The downside is that you have less privacy, but that honestly never bothered me a bit, and I’ve been there several times.

2. Mayan abdominal massage 

Mayan abdominal massage is a wonderful healing modality, and I have many friends who have benefited from it on their fertility journey. This massage focuses on the reproductive organs, improving “flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.” I actually went for Mayan abdominal massage a few months after having my c-section with Leela. My body didn’t feel right and I had a lot of scar tissue. It was such an education! I felt like this should be mandatory for all women after having a baby. So much gets out of whack after having a baby and it affects your posture, pelvic floor, everything. The person I recommend seeing in New York is Lola Young at The Art of Bodywork near Union Square. She is wonderful and spent so much time with me. It was a really empowering experience because she also taught me how to do the massage on my own (which of course I barely did – but still felt empowered!).

3. Colonics 

Take this advice with a grain of salt – I haven’t studied the link between colonics and fertility. But I have spoken with a colonic therapist who told me she had seen several clients have good results over the years. It made logical sense to me that as you remove toxic waste from the body, the body gets more in balance. Digestion is at the center of everything. If you are having digestive problems and are constipated, I would do some research around this and get a colonic if it’s something you’re comfortable with. If you’re in New York, I would recommend Philomena at Pure Colonics NYC.

I hope this is helpful. If you’re not in New York, you can explore these healing modalities in your area, too.


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