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But quitting sugar sounds scary!

Feb 13, 2017

It’s scary to think about life without sugar. I’ve been there! Will your friends think that you’re a stick-in-the-mud? Will you be sitting in the corner with your salad at holiday parties, feeling sad and alone? Will you really not eat cake at office birthday celebrations?

These are the “real-life” concerns we all have when we think about quitting sugar. Trust me – I’ve been there! Here’s what my friend Cortney had to say:

“I was terrified to reduce my sugar intake because I have quite a sweet tooth and was sure I was addicted…” 

We’ve been eating sugar for a long time, everyone else is doing it, and the food industry has drummed a message into our heads that “sugar is in everything” implying that it’s impossible to quit. In the past when I tried to quit, I gathered meal plans, but didn’t address these emotional and social aspects of quitting sugar. It’s no wonder I failed every time! When I started to dig deep, I realized that I was afraid that quitting sugar would be a socially isolating choice.

Here’s what I can promise. In the #QuittingSugarStrong challenge we will address your fears, and the social and emotional impact of quitting sugar. To make a lasting change, you’ll need to be fully convinced that your life will be better without sugar in it. That’s why making a pros and cons list can be so helpful! Once you do this, my friends, you can finally break free.

Here’s what Cortney went on to share with me:

“…After giving up sweets for a week, I had no withdrawal, but it helped me lose another couple of pounds of the pregnancy weight, so that was a plus!”

I’ve found that the hardest choices I’ve made in life have also been the most rewarding. That’s why I truly think of quitting sugar as a “hero’s journey.” In a hero’s journey, there’s a call for adventure, then the hero “crosses the threshold” and leaves the Ordinary World. The hero is tested, but also meets allies, and ultimately wins the treasure and returns home transformed. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

The #QuittingSugarStrong 21-Day challenge starts on March 6th. When you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to the challenge group and can kick off with a “preseason” to get you ready.

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