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Healthier Gum Alternatives

Jun 09, 2012

I was a Trident original girl my whole life — my uncle used to have a stash of it and all the cousins would sneak pieces of his gum. I chewed my blue Trident gum for many years, but then my friend Carmela figured out that her migraines went away when she stopped chewing gum.

I thought — huh, maybe all this gum which includes the artificial sweetener aspartame is not such a good idea.

I slowly cut down my gum habit and now I never chew it. I can’t say I notice a huge difference in my health, it just seemed like a sensible move.

With patients, if there’s any jaw pain, TMJ, clenching, or migraines I always ask them to cut out gum. When you chew gum you also swallow bits of air, so that could give you gas as well. I even spoke to someone who had pain in her lungs and she was a huge gum chewer, and yes the pain went away when she stopped!

I honestly think the best idea is to cut it out entirely, but here are some gum alternatives you might try:

Peelu is sweetened with xylitol which is a sugar alcohol. Some people have issues digesting xylitol but many are fine with it.

Spry is another xylitol gum option, and they offer mints as well.

Glee gum is made with either cane sugar or they have a xylitol option.  I see it at Whole Foods near the register.

May your breath be ever fresh and minty!

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