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Is sugar your only tool for de-stressing? Because if so, that’s a problem…

Jan 17, 2017

Let’s face it – being a mom is stressful!  I hear a lot of jokes about gobbling cookies during nap time, sneaking chocolate in the pantry, or digging into ice cream after the kids are in bed.

It makes logical sense. Sweets can soften the rough edges of a long day.

Sugar lights up the reward centers in the brain, giving us a nice big dopamine rush.

As we can see with our kids, sugar has a big influence on our behavior.

Check out this article to see more:

Here’s the thing. If eating sweets is your ONLY way to deal with stress and transport yourself to a happy place, that’s a problem. You need some new tools in the toolkit!

Some ideas:

1. Music. Put on some upbeat music when you’re hanging out with the kids to shift the energy and put everyone in a better mood.

2. Yoga. I’m a fan of 10 minutes of AM or PM yoga. You can do it with kids too!

3. Massage! When I lived in New York, I would treat myself to those 15 minute chair massages at the beauty salon. Now that I’m in India, massage is so affordable that try to go once a week, we have a great “foot spa” nearby and the massages are amazing. If that’s not possible, roll around on the floor with a tennis ball under your shoulders – the kids will have fun with this one too 

Let’s be realistic, we need more than a few stress-reduction tools to quit sugar. We need a meal plan, some nutritional know-how, and support from friends. But having some new tools for taking the edge off a stressful day will help!

What’s your favorite non-food way to chill out?  

Spending time in nature is a good one too! 


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