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My #1 tip for eating healthy in restaurants

Jul 05, 2012

We’ve all heard the generic tips for healthy eating in restaurants.  Things like:

– Tell the waiter not to bring the bread basket
– Have the waiter pack up 1/2 your meal in a take-home bag so you don’t overeat
– Blah blah blah … other tactics that are not very joyful

But my #1 favorite tip for eating well in restaurants is … drumroll please … choose healthy restaurants! This makes it infinitely easier to order a healthy dish that tastes delicious too.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of eating at Souen, which is a macrobiotic restaurant in Union Square. I ordered the Macro Plate and got salmon instead of brown rice, to make my meal Diet Evolution-friendly. Look at that huge pile of kale!

And a bonus tip for healthy eating in restaurants is to look at the menu and decide what you’d like to order before you go.

If you live in NYC, I’m a big fan of the book and website Clean Plates to find healthy restaurants in every neighborhood.

What’s your favorite healthy restaurant?


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