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New Mama Power Smoothie

Sep 05, 2014

Here is my go-to breakfast smoothie that I’ve been having every day on maternity leave. The key is that it’s PACKED with nutrients but quick and easy to make.

I have not included amounts below because with a newborn baby squawking in the background, there is no time to measure out ingredients.  Eyeball it, adjust to your tastes and you will be fine!  If baby is screeching very loudly, just skip a few ingredients and better luck tomorrow!

– Banana (the ONLY fresh ingredient included, everything else is kept in the freezer, fridge or cupboard)
– Coconut milk
– Sustain protein powder
– Greens powder
– Chia seeds (I use lots – 2 big spoonfuls – keeps me full for a long time)
– Organic kale or spinach (I use frozen)
– Ground flax seeds
– Handful of frozen organic blueberries or cherries
– Almond butter or coconut oil
– Cacao nibs (about a tablespoon – great for magnesium and fiber)

Toss in the Vitamix, add water & ice as needed, blend and enjoy!!!

If you want to increase milk supply, you could add some oats or Brewers yeast too.

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