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Newborn cries – what is baby telling you?

Jul 28, 2021

Newborn cries – what is baby telling you? 

Hi all, 

This message is for parents of newborns.  First of all – congratulations on your sweet baby!  

The Secret Language of Babies 

Today I want to share a cool way to decode your newborn’s cries.  This is called the Dunstan Baby Language. These apply to babies from 0 to 3 months. Watch the video … it’s fascinating!  

Your cheatsheet: 

Neh = hungry

Owh = sleepy

Heh = discomfort

Eair = lower gas

Eh = burp

The newborn phase is all about paying attention to your baby, understanding their cries, and their hunger cues and sleepy cues.  The more you can understand what your baby is trying to tell you, the less time they’ll spend crying. This is good because when they’re crying a lot, they take in a lot of air, which can create uncomfortable gas. Which can then lead to … more crying.  My advice to parents in the newborn phase is to keep expectations low, but try to get good at soothing … that will be your gateway to more calm and better sleep. 


Sending lots of love, 

Kerry Bajaj

Cozy Little Sleeper, a 3-week course for newborns age 0 to 4 months


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