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Organic fruits and veggies for Juhu

Nov 17, 2017

When we moved to India, I gave up on organic in the beginning.  That’s hard to admit as a health coach, and it was hard to do because I think eating organic is really important.  But I was just too overwhelmed and relying on help and couldn’t figure out how to find organic and then guide my help. Now I’m very happy to share some organic options that have been shared with me!  Here’s the list… I haven’t used them yet but looking forward to it!   We live in Juhu and these names were shared by a friend in Juhu, so I don’t know what the delivery radius for these guys is, you’ll have to check.

Green Current Organic – reasonable price and deliver organic grains, pulses, fruits and veggies at home.
+91 22 2619 4797

Bliss Fresh Milk – for organic milk
+91 82919 46206

Organic Anoushka Panthaky – huge variety of all organic fruits, veggies, oil, pulses
+91 99205 88763

Almond Milk, Armin Mistry – organic nuts and dry fruits
+91 72088 65691

Organic Garden – a bit expensive but dependable
+91 70459 18935

Organic Dharmistra – deliver fruits and veggies
+91 98194 36177

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