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Quitting Sugar Requires Drawing a Line in the Sand and Taking a Stand

Jan 11, 2017

One thing that I know to be true: quitting sugar does not magically happen by accident.  I wish it did!

For me, I had little success with limiting my sugar intake, eating less, cutting back, trying to eat reasonable amounts. Eating sugar “in moderation” did not work for me.

I had to get dramatic about it. I had to declare that I had hit rock bottom. I had to put pen to paper and make a plan. Yes, I needed a meal plan, but I also needed to be realistic that I needed emotional support too. I had to get sugar-quitting buddies. I had to tell the world I was quitting sugar to hold myself accountable.

And – I had to get MAD at sugar. I rounded up all of my frustration about my weight, cravings, and sneaking chocolate from my husband and kids. I got mad that I was DOING exercise, but not losing weight, because sugar was acting like quicksand that was slowing down all my progress. I finally said, “No more! There’s a new sheriff in town.”

I put a line in the sand and took a stand against sugar. And it worked!     

If I’m honest about where I struggled in the past, do you know what it came down to? I wanted to eat cake at parties, not rock the boat, not offend anyone by skipping dessert. I wanted to quit sugar, but with lots of exceptions. And that was a slippery slope! Once I got clear about this stumbling block, I was able to work around it. I started making healthy desserts for parties and bringing them myself. Or having coffee and fruit for dessert at a party. Or just skipping altogether and guess what – no one was offended or even noticed or cared.

I used to make a lot of exceptions :0  

My questions for you: 

– Are you trying to eat sugar “in moderation” and how is that going for you?

– Are you willing to draw a line in the sand and make a loving boundary with sugar?

– Have you identified what your biggest stumbling blocks are?

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