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The Best and Healthiest Bread in Mumbai

Feb 23, 2018

Back when I worked with Dr. Frank Lipman in New York, we were very much against gluten and took nearly all patients off of gluten for at least two weeks, and almost everyone felt dramatically better.  We have a lot of problems in the US with our wheat being sprayed and genetically modified.

Here in Mumbai, the food landscape is quite different.  Roti and chapati are such staples of the diet. Karan and I steer clear for the most part, largely because avoiding the empty carbs is such an easy way to maintain a healthy weight. The girls do have some because they are toddlers and I am not supermom.

That said, I’ve been reading a lot about teeth and gum health and was reminded of the importance of good quality organic sourdough bread. Real bread. I started a weekly subscription for Pure Brot bread which uses traditional long fermentation techniques and only organic flour, yeast, spring water and a pinch of salt. It’s delicious!  The bread doesn’t have preservatives so you have to keep it in the fridge and use it within a week. We are toasting it and serving with ghee and a drizzle of honey and the girls love it! It feels good to be serving a bread to my girls without a shred of guilt.

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