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The problem with rocking to sleep

Jul 28, 2021

The problem with rocking to sleep  

Hi parents!   

Today I want to address an important issue – rocking to sleep (dun! dun! dun!).  

Some babies get liked to be rocked to sleep.  That is absolutely fine for newborns. However, it can become problematic over time.  You’d be shocked to know how many clients I see with actual injuries from rocking their baby to sleep.  I’m not talking about “oh my neck is killing me” type of everyday aches and pains.  I’m talking about actual neck, shoulder, and wrist injuries that are diagnosed and treated by professionals. Trust me, I was shocked by it too.  

How does this happen?

It happens because as babies get older, they get heavier. And 10 minutes of rocking to sleep at bedtime can turn into 45 minutes of rocking to sleep at bedtime.  And the baby who is rocked to sleep at bedtime may then need help falling BACK asleep during their night wakings which leads to – you guessed it – more rocking!  

What to do instead …  

By the time your baby reaches 3 months, I would get in the practice of getting baby ready for bed, placing in the cot/ crib, and then do some patting and/ or shushing. Be patient and spend as much time as baby needs parked right next to the crib. It is pretty easy to wean off of rocking to sleep, as long as you are intentional about it. Babies are very adaptable, especially in the first few months. 


Voila! No more wrist injuries. 
Sweet dreams,

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