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What’s sugar costing you?

Feb 15, 2017

Cinnamon bun – are you worth it? 

Imagine … you’re at a holiday celebration and it’s time for dessert. There’s a whole spread of goodies: cookies, cake, pie. The old you would have sampled one of each, negotiating with yourself about how many desserts you’re “allowed” to try, going back for extra nibbles, nervously joking with relatives about how your diet starts tomorrow. But this time is different. You are different. When dessert is served, you fill a dish with berries and continue talking to Aunt Betty, who is eating pecan pie and telling you how great you look. All afternoon you’ve been getting compliments, about your dress, your skin, your weight loss. You don’t give the dessert spread a second thought – you’re totally neutral, unbothered.

Or imagine this … you step into a coffee shop with a friend and pass the pastry display, without giving it a second glance. You order your drink and continue chatting with your friend, not comparing the calorie counts of all the muffins or drooling over the lemon frosting on a slice of cake and agonizing about whether you should splurge. It’s simply not taking up mind-space for you.

Ask yourself honestly:

What is sugar costing you?

I know that eating sugar is built into your daily habits, and that cutting it out may feel impossible. I know it’s giving you some immediate relief and release of the happy chemicals, serotonin and dopamine.

But at what cost? When I got serious about quitting sugar, here’s what my list of “cons” looked like:

– makes my skin break out
– puts me in a horrible mood
– makes me tired
– makes me feel like a hypocrite as a health coach
– if I eat a little, I want a lot more
– messes up my concentration, makes brain fuzzy
– not setting a good example for my kids

Once I learned how sugar was “working” on my brain – giving an instant surge of serotonin and dopamine, I researched how ELSE I could boost my happy chemicals. It turns out, there are plenty of other ways, all of which I’m excited to share with you in the #QuittingSugarStrong challenge.

You don’t have to be a victim. You don’t have to feel guilty every day. You DO have to be realistic that quitting sugar requires a plan, but it IS possible.

The #QuittingSugarStrong 21-Day challenge starts on March 6th. When you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to the challenge group and can kick off with a “preseason” to get you ready.

The decision is yours. Make your own pros/ cons list. Get clear about what sugar is costing you. It IS possible to go an entire day without cravings, out-of-control eating and regret. It IS possible to claim the freedom, energy, ease at maintaining your ideal weight, mental clarity, clear skin you deserve. I want that for you! Ask yourself: do you want it?

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