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Why do I feel nauseous when I eat breakfast?

Dec 09, 2015
I recently worked with a client who struggled with this problem of eating little during the day, and too much at night. This is a pattern I see with so many clients! She wanted to get in a better daily rhythm and start eating breakfast, but there was a problem: she felt nauseous if she ate in the morning. I wanted to share some ways of deconstructing this issue, in case you too are caught in the viscious cycle of not being hungry in the morning and eating lots at night.
First a disclaimer – if you are not a big breakfast person, that’s ok. You don’t have to force it. That’s not the point of the information I’m sharing here. However, if you are wanting to eat in the morning, but find it uncomfortable – here are some recommendations and dynamics to consider.

1. Keep a food journal 
I find food journals just as tedious as anyone, but this is a case where it’s helpful to keep a journal for (at least) 3 days to get a full picture of what’s happening.

2. Treat the gut 
Feeling nauseous after you eat in the morning could be a sign of low stomach pH. In short, you need stomach acid to break down your food. If you don’t have enough stomach acid, you’ll have trouble breaking down food. I recommend digestive bitters to increase acid levels and stimulate digestion. Alternatively, warm water with lemon in the morning can help. Digestive enzymes to help break down food can also be helpful. Another great option is GI Herbal Formula, which is an antimicrobial and antiparasitic formula to wipe out bad bacteria from the gut.

3. Stress 
Stress puts us in “fight or flight” mode, which is the opposite of “rest and digest” mode. If the morning starts off rushed and hectic, that does not support digestion. You may end up with that icky feeling that food is “sitting” in your stomach.

4. Try a light breakfast 
Again, we don’t have to “force” breakfast. Many of my clients prefer to start the day with a protein shake because it’s so easy to digest and absorb the nutrients. The shake I recommend most often is called Shakeology. One thing I really like about it in the context of this conversation on supporting digestion, is that it includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. If not a shake, even a soup or broth could be an option for a light breakfast.
5. Water
Drinking water first thing in the morning supports … everything. Your liver, metabolism, digestion, lymphatic system — all of it! Warm water with lemon and a pinch of cayenne is best.
6. Explore emotional issues around nighttime eating. 
Sometimes excessive eating at night can be a way of coping with stress. These habits can shift, especially by choosing a lighter and healthier nighttime snack, and finding other ways of unwinding at night. Here are some of my favorites.
What ultimately helped this particular client the most was the digestive bitters. Her nausea was reduced right away. She was able to shift away from the “top heavy” way of eating, and eat more during the day when metabolism is at it’s peak. She also noticed a greater “appetite” for drinking water after introducing the bitters, which was an added bonus.
I’d love to hear from you – do you have an appetite for breakfast in the morning?

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