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As a holistic baby sleep practitioner, I love helping babies and their families to sleep better!

My kids have been sleeping from 7 to 7 since they were babies, and now at age 5 and 7 are still happy sleepers. My sleep clients have called me a “magician,” “a genie with the rescue plan,” and told me “I love being a mom thanks to you.”

Sleep is an important biological requirement. Baby’s brains need adequate sleep for healthy brain development, mood, growth and optimal wakefulness. And of course, parents need sleep to feel and be our best, too! Long-term sleep deprivation makes us feel despair. Good sleep is restorative and creates harmony in the household. All too often I hear parents saying, “it’s just a phase, she’ll grow out of it,” and I want to shout “No! Please don’t suffer. You can improve her sleep now!”

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Sleep Baby Sleep Consults

Before signing up for sleep consulting, please read Sleep, Baby, Sleep. You can order on Amazon, Flipkart or your nearest bookstore. Paperback, Kindle/ ebook, or you can listen to the audiobook. This will help us make the most of our time together.

New Clients

New clients will fill out a questionnaire about your baby’s sleep environment, habits, schedule, family setup, parenting values, your goals for our work together. We will review this during your consult. I will help to diagnose your sleep challenges and propose a plan of action. Your investment is 10,000 inr. Please email [email protected] to schedule a session.  

Ongoing Clients

Ongoing clients will get additional support as per your goals. This includes support with sleep environment, healthy daily routine for naps, happy bedtimes and sleep training. You can either get ongoing support via phone or email.  Phone sessions are 60 minutes long and the investment is 8,000 inr. Please email me at [email protected] to book a session and for payment details.

Email Support for Old Clients

Often my dear “old” clients have questions that pop up or need support with nap transitions, other transitions and troubleshooting any issues that crop up on the sleep journey. If this is you, please email me for details.

I’m deeply honored to be part of your baby’s sleep journey!
I promise to give the best of my knowledge and love to support your sweet baby’s sleep.

"Just wanted to quickly update you, V. is doing really really well, he sleeps glorious stretched at night and takes chunky naps, we have held onto that vision from day one, even if we derail in terms of naps we never compromise or let go of the schedule. One night he slept from 7.15pm to 7am (it’s true, not f**king around). We are so thrilled with this result and want to thank you once again for taking us on and guiding us, I shudder to think what would have happened if you wouldn’t have... there are few experiences powerful enough to change your life - sleep training is one of them, it has everything - the highs the lows the ecstasy and the agony - but it’s worth every damn tear - thank you, thank you, even if I say it a million times it might not be enough."


"We wanted to update you since we are finally happy with overall sleep! 1 pm and 7 pm have become his sleep times. He acts affronted when we put him down but turns around and goes to sleep in a few minutes. It looks like he is getting the sleep he wants. Some days it’s 12 hours at night and 1.5 hours in the day, some days it’s 11 hours at night, 1 hour in the day, and some combinations in between, but we can not argue with this; we know now he can put himself back to sleep and will if he needs to. Again, thank you for ALL that you did. We wouldn’t have been brave enough to sleep train without you, and would have been even more confused through the journey if you hadn’t been there. I think I’ve told you; we’ve spoken to other sleep consultants but none of them have been anywhere near as responsive! So we had basically given up till I saw your book listed under my kindle recommendations. And we really hope you will be our sleep consultant again if we choose to have baby#2!"


"He has taken to sleep training very well, we just kept being consistent with his schedule for it to work. His morning nap has stretched to an hour and a half and the afternoon nap is an hour long. He’s been sleeping at 8pm and wakes up at 7.30am. Best of all, we just give him his lovey and he goes off to sleep playing with it. Thank you so much for your help. At first I doubted that he would be able to adapt but we just kept being consistent and it suddenly everything fell into place."


"Last night was amazing … I left her in her crib … she played with her lovey for like 3-4 minutes … hung out in silence and fell asleep. Thanks to her better nighttime rest … she’s become a much happier baby and more predictable through the day … I feel this is the best thing I’ve done for her so far as a mother."

"I’ve been meaning to send you a big big thank you message! I love being a mom thanks to you. "


"Kerry was of great help to me when I had sleep issues with my baby. She is very patient and tries to understand the core of the problem to give you solutions. You are a life saver for new mommies!"


"Based on your suggestion for his schedule, I put him down for a nap 2 hours after waking up and it worked beautifully. He slept for 1.5 hours instead of the 1/2 hour he’d been sleeping all this time. I have a feeling you might be able to guide me on my way to peaceful sleep. I’m already feeling better with this new schedule you have suggested."


"Kerry really guided me wonderfully with my 2-year-old twins who took forever to put to bed. She is the best sleep trainer and will guide you."


"Kerry Bajaj is the best. Has helped sleep train my son n and it has changed my life n I can't thank her enough!"




  • Mom of 2 girls (age 5 and 7) who happily sleep from 7pm to 7am since 7 months.
  • Bestselling author of Sleep Baby Sleep (HarperCollins India)
  • Lives in India with children and husband Karan Bajaj, author and founder of WhiteHat Jr
  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant (International Parenting & Health Institute, California)
  • Certified Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, New York)
  • I worked for 5 years alongside Dr. Frank Lipman, renowned functional medicine doctor, sleep expert and author of Better Sleep, Better You in New York City
  • Indian Society for Sleep Research, member
  • Completed Helping Children Sleep course from Hand in Hand Parenting
  • Completed The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development course with with Harvard University Center on the Developing Child Director Jack Shonkoff
  • Certified Discipline and Guidance Group Leader with Simplicity Parenting 
  • Completed Everyday Parenting: The ABC’s of Child Rearing with Dr. Alan Kazdin, Director of the Yale University Parenting Center 
  • Currently studying to be a Peaceful Parenting educator with Dr. Laura Markham  
  • BA, Georgetown University, Washington DC
  • MA, Emerson College, Boston
  • I’ve read tons of books on baby sleep, including: Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child (Weissbluth), The No Cry Sleep Solution (Pantley), The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers (Pantley), Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems (Ferber), Sleeping Through the Night (Mindell), Precious Little Sleep (Dubief), The Happiest Baby on the Block (Karp), The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep (Karp), The Happy Sleeper (Turgeon), On Becoming Baby Wise (Ezzo), The Gentle Sleep Book (Ockwell-Smith), The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight (West), The Baby Sleep Solution (Giordano), Brain Rules for Baby (Medina), The Sleep Revolution (Huffington).  Parenting books that inform my sleep work: Bringing Up Bebe (Druckerman), The Whole Brain Child (Siegel), Bright from the Start, Unconditional Parenting, Simplicity Parenting (Payne), Listen (Wipfler), How to Parent Your Anxious Toddler, Boundaries (Cloud), Siblings Without Rivalry (Faber), No Bad Kids (Lansbury), Child Of Mine- Feeding with Love and Good Sense (Satter), Baby-Led Weaning, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen (Faber).
Terms and Conditions: Kerry Bajaj agrees to provide non-medical sleep coaching services that include providing support and education. It is the parent’s choice to carry out any suggestions within the sleep plan.
The services that Kerry Bajaj provides are not intended to replace or supplement the medical advice by your physician or child’s paediatrician. You agree that none of the suggestions that Kerry Bajaj provides shall be considered medical advice nor should you rely upon the advice as medical advice. Therefore, you should consult with your physician or child’s paediatrician to rule out any potential underlying medical conditions before embarking on a new sleep program.